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Inventory Management System

Inventory sold to other Retailers is still visible for distribution-based businesses if your inventory moves to a store which does not run your POS or to a SOR customer. Track sales and current inventory by importing the sales data in Excel. Understand sell-through and receivables better.

An inventory management system integrates different software programs to keep track of stock levels and stock transfers. The solution can be combined with shipping or multichannel sales platforms.

An inventory management system ensures that products are available through various channels and optimize inventory levels.

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Customer data is a mammoth data store but it is fragmented across social, e-commerce, offline, self-expressed, support and advertising platforms. All data is combined into a single platform by Ubiquity for simple analysis and reporting, and it employs AI to generate suggestions. 

It includes a wide range of functions, including territory administration, lead management, marketing automation, contact management, and multichannel forecasting. With the use of real-time reporting and analytics, users may monitor performance while automating manual activities.

Teams work better when their tools and data talk. Through Edhirya  HRM systems we help Create and maintain the ideal company culture by boosting the organisation’s productivity, coordination, and engagement — so you and your HR team can focus on people first. In addition, it includes an accounting system that helps businesses run, manage finances, automate business workflows, and help work collectively across departments. The new home for businesses was redesigned from the ground up.

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API - Application Programming Interface. Software development tool. Business, modern technology, internet and networking concept.

(E-Marketing Platforms, Logistic Companies, Third Parties) API Connectors significantly speed up the creation and implementation of automation. In the pre-API era, you needed to employ developers to code these connectors if you wanted to transmit data from your CRM system to email marketing software. We can automate your business operations and deploy system automation much more quickly than you could with conventional platforms by using ready-made API interfaces. Additionally, EdhiryaIT’s API Connector modules provide system security, traffic monitoring, and other features to a range of company scales in vertical industries like retail, commercial and logistics.

Unless you have a digital system that supports uniform storage, cross-functional information sharing, and revision control, managing documents can be a time-consuming and error-prone procedure. A user-friendly management system for document hosting, collaboration and resource sharing, file review and editing, and workflow publication is provided by EdhiryaIT’s document handling solutions. You can provide your teams access to the most pertinent files depending on their job duties and responsibilities through a seamless connection with your organisational hierarchy.

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To represent Product and Service charges against an issue, you can add numerous line items to the issue using the Billing Module. As a result, service providers can now charge for materials and parts used to complete a service request in addition to recording fees for services rendered. Each line item has a Product/Service Code, a Quantity, a charge per item, the option to override the stated price, an invoiced or uninvoiced description, a charge date field, and the option to port the Quantity recorded into a labour comment on the issue.

This allows you the option to produce invoices and work orders, as well as the ability to add comments and notes to the issue. It also allows you to export the data into a spreadsheet for insertion into an accounting system.

Voting uses technologies that range from hand-counted paper ballots to electronic voting systems resembling bank ATMs.

An intelligent electronic voting system was developed for the first time in Sri Lanka to pilot affairs at the National Youth Services Council under the guidance of the GOSL. To begin by Deploying at 335 divisional secretariats and 12 universities, we believe we are ready for the future – when Sri Lanka is ready.

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We take great delight in having reached numerous milestones by providing our clients with cutting-edge mobile and smart technology and by providing one-stop solutions to a range of company scales in vertical industries like retail, commercial and logistics. Our commitment, professionalism, and expertise in the point-of-service industry enable us to achieve incremental growth and forge lasting relationships with our clients, assisting them in expanding their businesses through top-notch goods, aggressive pricing, and first-rate customer support through POS (CUSTOMISE).

Certainly the most robust and feature-rich POS on desktops. Works in multi-till and single-till environments. Syncs automatically with the ERP at the Head office and your web store. Works smoothly even with large item masters and long customer queues.